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Peter Lee’s Notes From the Field

  • Publisher: Penguin Random House
  • Release Date: March 2, 2021
  • Genre: Middle-Grade Fiction

Eleven-year-old Peter Lee has one goal in life: to become a paleontologist. But in one summer, that all falls apart. Told in short, accessible journal entries and combining the humor of Timmy Failure with the poignant family dynamics of Lynda Mullaly Hunt, Peter Lee will win readers’ hearts.

Eleven year-old Peter Lee has one goal in life: to become a paleontologist. Okay, maybe two: to get his genius kid-sister, L. B., to leave him alone. But his summer falls apart when his real-life dinosaur expedition turns out to be a bust, and he watches his dreams go up in a cloud of asthma-inducing dust.

Even worse, his grandmother, Hammy, is sick, and no one will talk to Peter or L. B. about it. Perhaps his days as a scientist aren’t quite behind him yet. Armed with notebooks and pens, Peter puts his observation and experimental skills to the test to see what he can do for Hammy. If only he can get his sister to be quiet for once—he needs time to sketch out a plan.

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Hello all! Welcome to my blog post! Today I bring to you creative content book tour of Peter Lee’s Notes From the Field, written by Angela Ahn and organized by Hear Our Voices Book Tour! Keep on reading to find moodboard, bookmarks, a bookish playlist and review for the book!



To start with the review, can we please take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the cover? It’s sooo cute and it describes the book so damn well! Reading this book was like watching a kdrama, so full of life and meaningful message and playfulness.

Peter Lee is an eleven year old boy who is obsessed with dinosaurs and knows he wants to be a paleontologist when we grows up. There’s no question about it. He has started mock excavations in the backyard, keeps up to date with any latest findings about dinosaurs and is building his knowledge base about all the scientific stuff. He loves his grandparents, parents (except when, uhum, they force him to do math… why would they do that?) and somewhere his little sis too (interpretations are open to discussion but L.B. and Peter surely have a cute relation). L.B. is full of life, I am not even kidding that girl is made up of 99.9% enthusiasm! She is a genius and knows scientific stuff that are beyond my comprehension… she seems like a walking encyclopedia. And even though she irritates Peter a lot, she cares for him very much.

Ah, I don’t even know where should I begin from, this book was so wholesome to read! The family bond was refreshing to another extent. It had been a long time since I read about a family outing and one which seemed so realistic and happening that I could honestly watch the events unfold in front of my eyes. The book discusses about dementia too, in a very subtle but in your face manner. You cannot miss it but at the same time it has been handled very delicately and in an approachable manner. It has Peter standing up to bullies and cute and lovely interactions between Peter and L.B. (they are honestly cute and 100% relatable)! I loved how we see character development in Peter and how he applies his observations. It is so heartwarming to see someone so passionate about what they like, and how they are constantly developing their skills for it. Furthermore, the book had many Korean expressions and I swear I almost died reading them. I really want to learn Korean and the use of some Korean expressions here and there was so amazing! I even admired how the topic of children of immigrants barely knowing their native knowledge was brought up. Even though I am not an immigrant but to me it seemed kind of personal because I feel more comfortable with a foreign language than my native language.

Peter Lee’s Notes From the Field was just so heartwarming and pleasant to read!! Honestly there’s nothing like reading novels that speak to you in so many different ways!

Trigger Warnings: Dementia, Bullying, Racism, Asthma…

*Thank you netgalley and the publisher to provide me with a copy in exchange for an honest review



Angela Ahn was born in Seoul, but her family immigrated to Canada before she could walk. Armed with a BA, BEd, and MLIS, she worked for several years as a teacher and a librarian, but lately has been working from home, taking care of her two children. When she can, she writes novels for kids. She’s lived most of her life in Vancouver, B.C., with brief stints working in Hong Kong and Toronto. Although she likes to blame her parents for her atrocious Korean language skills, she will admit that she was a reluctant learner. Angela’s proud to say that her children are bookworms, and that every member of her family has a stack of novels by their bed. She’s grateful to be able to write books where her children can see faces, just like theirs, on the front covers. Angela’s first book, Krista Kim-Bap, was published in 2018 and her second book, Peter Lee’s Notes from the Field, will be released March 2021.

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Hope y’all enjoyed the post and I sincerely wish that you would check out the book!

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